USB Redirector Technician Edition v2.0.1.3260 (x64) + Patch

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USB Redirector Technician Edition software product is useful for professionals who provide remote USB device maintenance services, such as flashing, re-programming or other types of service. As the name suggests, it “redirects” USB devices from customer to the technician, thus allowing to do any kind of remote servicing. Redirected device looks like it was plugged directly into technician’s computer. USB Redirector Technician Edition supports redirection of mobile phones, printers, 3G modems, embedded devices and virtually any other USB devices that can be serviced over USB cable. The product must be installed on the technician’s computer. It comes with a free Customer Module that can be distributed to your customers. The Customer Module helps people to redirect their USB devices to technician for servicing. It has a simple intuitive interface and does not require installation.


  • There are several major features that differ USB Redirector Technician Edition from other USB redirection products.
  • Developed specifically for remote servicing. This product was developed with the goal of remote servicing in mind. Thus, it does it in the most efficient way possible. It can be used for flashing, programming or any other type of servicing.
  • Supports broad range of USB devices. It can be used to service printes, mobile phones, 3G modems, embedded devices or any other USB devices that support servicing over USB cable.
  • Free customer module. Comes with a free customer module, an easy-to-use portable application that works on the customer’s side and redirects USB devices to technician.
  • Customization service. It is possible to order a customized Customer Module with your logo. We can integrate your address into the program as well, so that customers do not have to enter it everytime they need to service their device.



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