MSTech Swift Gadget v2.8.4.349 + Crack

MSTech Swift Gadget


MSTech Swift Gadget is one of the most useful extensions (Windows Tool Pack). It gives you everything you need to keep your computer always organized. MSTech Swift Gadget Features and options are accessible in Windows Context Menu (Windows Right Click Menu). This handy and useful software helps you to get more done with fewer efforts.


  • Windows Context Menu (Shell Menu) Integration
    After installing MSTech Swift Gadget, you will have access to all software features in the windows context menu (Windows Right Click).
  • Shortcuts & Quick Access
    You can have easy and quick access to your most frequently used files, applications, and directories. Just easily define your desired files, directories, and applications to MSTech Swift Gadget right-click menu, and enjoy having quick access to them by a single right click.
  • Libraries
    You can specify up to 10 directories, as your libraries in MSTech Swift Gadget right-click menu. Libraries help you to transfer your files and folders quickly. Having access to all sub-directories in a single window makes you able to categorize your files and folders in the quickest way possible.
  • Copy/Move to…
    You can copy/move your files and folders to a new path in a new folder as quick as possible. No need to create a new folder first, and then back to transfer your desired file or folder in that folder.
  • Categorize Files by Extension
    You can automatically categorize all your files based on their types (extensions) in separate folders just by a single right-click.
  • Search for Hidden Files & Folders
    With this feature, you will be able to have quick access to the list of hidden files & folders in any directory. To have access to the hidden files or folders, you won’t need to open “Windows Folder Options” to change their attributes. Just do a simple right-click on your current path or any folder, and then click on “search for hidden items” then you will have access to all hidden items immediately. You can select, open or change each item attribute quickly.
  • Advanced New Folder Maker
    You can create a new folder or a directory containing multiple sub-folders, using “Advanced New Folder” option quickly, like never before. You can also use batch mode to create the whole folders’ structure using different naming formats in only one action.
  • Advanced Batch File Rename
    Batch Rename helps you to change a group of files’ name, in on one action. You can also change some existing characters in the files’ name with your desired one.


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