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iPhones and iPads, just like any other similar electronic devices may and will encounter various issues, with a varying degree of severity, and consequently different degree of end-user “fixability”. Aside from using the built-in troubleshooting apps or services, users are left with Internet searches and countless hours of research for a particular issue and a corresponding resolve. FixGo was created in order to help in such circumstances and it comes equipped with a series of tools that will walk users through a troubleshooting wizard for their iOS devices. With a claimed repairability for more than 200 generic issues that might arise with iPhones and iPads, it will offer one the means of preventing data loss and staying trouble-free in day-to-day use. The built-in wizard will guide users through several steps, which are assisted by a series of advice, as well as hyperlinks to other help topics, in order to ensure smooth and trouble-free handling. There are two main modes, standard and advanced, and each treats different issues that might occur on such devices. The first one addresses more common issues, that pertain to data loss (stuck device, white screen, black screen, or boot loop) and the second more advanced problems, with the mention that using it will perform a complete data erasure.


  • Enter and exit recovery mode in a single click
    FixGo allows you to put any iOS device in recovery mode without pressing a button. Your iPhone/iPad stuck in recovery mode? FixGo can get it out of recovery mode in a single click.
  • Downgrade iOS without iTunes and data loss
    Downgrading your iOS using iTunes is a time-consuming and often frustrating experience. With FixGo, you can avoid all the complications and very easily downgrade iOS without data loss.
  • Fix over 200 iTunes errors with FixGo
    Does iTunes display error 3196, error 9 or error 4013 when you try to backup, restore or update your device? FixGo can fix these and over 200 additional iTunes errors without affecting your data.
  • Easily troubleshoot and fix Apple TV tvOS problems
    Is your Apple TV stuck on the Apple logo, Recovery mode and Airplane mode? FixGo can just as easily repair the tvOS system and fix most of the issues affecting your Apple TV without data loss.



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