Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Business v17.16.12 Patched + WinPE

Paragon Hard Disk Manager1


Hard Disk Manager™ for Business – Best Data Recovery and Disk Management software for Windows 10 and Windows Server. Hard Disk Manager™ for Business helps organizations build a reliable disaster recovery framework, from storage management to system integrity and data protection.


  • Partition Wizard
    Create, format, delete, hide, file system conversion, file system integrity check
    Split, merge, expand, redistribute free space, convert to logical / primary, edit sectors, convert to MBR / GPT, change primary slots and serial number, test surface, partitioning virtual disks .
  • Flexible Backup
    Back up an entire system, volumes and files, scheduled backup, incremental and differential imaging, backup encryption and compression, backup data excludes, pre-/post backup scripts, pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK containers support.
  • Data Recovery
    Restore an entire system, individual volumes or files and folders, restore to the original or new location, restore to dissimilar hardware, restore with resize, mount / import backup containers
  • Recovery Environments
    Recovery Media Builder with drivers injection and pre-mounted network connections capabilities during setup helps to prepare bootable Windows PE or Linux USB sticks or ISO images.
  • Data Wiping
    10 industry-class software algorithms, hardware trim and secure erase for SSD / NVME, clear free space, set wipe stamp, residual data verification, cleanup reports
  • NEW! VM Operations
    Direct connection to VD from local/external/network storages. Remote connection to disks of virtual machines hosted by VMware vSphere.



Download Links

Paragon Hard Disk Manager (x64) 17 Business WS 17.16.12 (170.9 MB) |  Mirror

Paragon Hard Disk Manager (x86) 17 Business WS 17.16.12 (129.8 MB) |  Mirror

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Business v17.16.12 Patched + (381.1 MB) |  Mirror

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