M3 Bitlocker Recovery v5.8.6 + Crack

M3 Bitlocker Recovery


Find out how M3 BitLocker data recovery software can help you recover files from a Bitlocker-encrypted laptop, desktop, hard drive, Surface or other storage device even if the drive is corrupted or otherwise unable to be accessed.


  • Recover Your Files with Our BitLocker Recovery Tool
    If you have ever locked your keys in your car or house, you know how frustrating it is when you try to protect your belongings, only to find out that you cannot access them.
  • It’s no different with your BitLocker protected data.
    BitLocker is a powerful tool developed by Microsoft that encrypts your drive, so it is protected if your device is ever lost or stolen. But if your device is corrupted or cannot be accessed with your password, your files could be lost forever.
  • Corrupted Drive? We Can Help
    If your drive has been corrupted but not physically damaged or files have been lost, you may be worried that they are gone forever, but that’s not necessarily the case. M3 BitLocker Recovery software may be able to restore these files safely and quickly. We are your best shot at restoring your important work.
  • Safe, Secure BitLocker Data Recovery
    M3 BitLocker Recovery software is different from most data recovery programs because we require your device’s password or unique 48-digit recovery key to access your files. We make sure that you are the only person who can access our technology for your device. This gives you the added protection you need to ensure your information is secure even in the recovery process.
  • Use Our BitLocker Data Recovery Software for Data Loss
    It is not always possible to retrieve data, but our BitLocker recovery tool may be able to help in the event that:
  • BitLocker Encrypted Drive Is Not Accessible
    Our software makes it possible to retrieve data from a corrupted, failed, inaccessible or corrupted BitLocker drive using the password or 48-digit recovery key.
  • Deleted or Lost BitLocker Encrypted Partition
    M3 BitLocker Recovery can find and recover the deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partition data easily, even when you can’t.
  • Formatted BitLocker Encrypted Drive by Mistake
    If you have accidentally formatted your BitLocker encrypted drive with a tool other than a Windows built-in and cannot access the files, our BitLocker recovery tool may be able to help.
  • BitLocker Encryption Interrupted, Stuck, or Failed
    BitLocker is designed to work seamlessly in the background of your computer, but it can get stuck or failed for another reason. M3 BitLocker Recovery software can get your files quickly and easily.



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