Hex Commander Fantasy Heroes v2.3 Mod Apk

Build a mighty army and lead your troops to victory, using unique skills of your units. Make use of terrain covers and buildings to upgrade your statistics and outwit your enemies.
In the human campaign you assume the role of Percival Kent, a seasoned paladin who has been sent by the Emperor to investigate reports of goblin activity in a human settlement. The kingdom is at the brink of war… Who wants it to break out? What kind of alliance will you have to forge to face the inevitable invasion of the green-skinned foes? Take part in the exciting campaign to get to the bottom of truth and protect your people.

Mod Info :

– Turn-based strategy game with simple and clear rules and a tactical depth, thanks to which you can adjust the gameplay style to your individual preferences.
– Use the special skills of your hero and units to gain an edge on the battlefield.
– Expand your base, upgrade your army and recruit specialized units.
– Each of the available races has well-balanced units and features, which enforce a unique strategy and make the battles more exciting and varied.
– Complete the captivating campaign to learn the truth behind the war that will change your kingdom forever.


Version 2.3 changelog:
– Added 2 new missions: Elvish Outpost and Alvin’s Gate.
– Scrolls and potions can be sold in guilds.
– Cavalry and boars now have higher protection against projectiles.
– Skeletons can be created on walls and other high positions.
– Dwarven rifles have armor piercing ability.
– Charging calvary ignores target armor.
– Fixed movement bug – sometimes units stopped short of selected destination.

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