Easy PDF Business v1.0.1.1004 + Crack


With Easy Pdf you can easily save scanned documents to a PDF file. These scanned data can be compressed during scan to keep the file as small as possible. You can also load and edit existing PDF files. It is easy to move or delete pages. You can copy individual selected pages from one PDF to another. All actions you can see in the included help. But you will see, you don’t need the help.


  • The menu of EasyPDF
    – With the Panel Menu you can influence the selected pages.
    – Also you can execute all commands by using the menu bar.
  • Import documents from scanner
    After clicking the scanner toolbar icon or selecting the menu item Edit->Import from scanner the import dialog appears.
  • Scan mode
    Here you can set the scanning mode. You have a choice between color, grayscale or monochrome scan.
  • Scan Area
    Set a predefined paper size or chose a custom size. To set a custom size a preview scan (click the preview button) is necessary. Then you can define an area in the preview window by holding the left mouse down and drag the mouse. If a predefines area size was defined the size will change to custom automatically.
  • Paper feed
    Here you can set the type of your scanner. You can choose between flatbed scanner, feed scanner or dupley scanner.
  • Resulotions
    This is the scan resolution in dots per inch. The higher this value will be the higher the document size will be. We do recommend 150 dpi. This is a perfect value for import into pdf.
  • Import into single document
    If this check is set then all scanned pages will be added to the active EasyPDF window. If you do uncheck this then a new window will be created always and the scanned page will be added there.
  • Compress scanned data
    If this check is set then the scanned image data will be compressed before it will added to the pdf. This keeps the document size as small as possible.



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